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Updated: Feb 8

Hello, this is Mouse,

I've been busy playing hostess and applying for work. I had the in-laws in for Labor Day weekend/week. They are so similar to my parents, it's strange. Game boy and I took them around for a week. They seem to enjoy themselves, but the weather was merciless. For a few days we endured close to 100 degrees and then for a couple of days it went down to the 30's. I have never experienced such crazy drops in temperature. In Miami, it's more or less the same temperature all year round. It's rare when it dips down to the 50's. Another thing to get used to.

For the past week I've been applying for government security clearance for a passport position. It's not an easy task. I've never had to do it before and I was an agent for about 3 years in Miami. Today I turned in a big application for it and I'm sure there is more to come. It seems that I interviewed well, so I will see in time, if I get hired. Apparently, it takes about 6 months to be cleared for hire.

It's been a while since I've volunteered at the animal shelter, I need to schedule myself in, now that it got slow for me. I decided to pick up another volunteer opportunity in a nature museum; hopefully I'm not overdoing it. Time will tell.

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