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Hello! This is Mouse.

Over the weekend Game boy and I drove two hours out to a town called Breckenridge to do some skiing. Yes, you're probably wondering, 'didn't you have trouble with snowboarding?' That is true, but this time I got lessons and it was skiing not snowboarding. It was much easier and with the class it made me focus and force myself to face my fears. I was glad to find out that there were two other ladies in my group that were terrified. One of them actually quit halfway. I was proud of myself for not doing that. She left her husband behind with the group. When asked if his wife was alright, he said that she was fine and that she's just not athletic enough to ski. I thought to myself, I wouldn't have liked if Game boy revealed that kind of information about me. It made her seem like a pampered woman who doesn't want to get her nails broken. I did fall once off of this contraption they call a camel platter. It's one of the strangest things I've ever seen. You put this thing that looks like a plate attached to a pole between your legs (which that was a funny sensation to say the least) and it yanks you up a hill. I slipped off sideways and had to crawl away before someone smacked into me. For a moment I lost my mojo and I started skiing poorly. But then I went through the skiing rules in my head and was back. BIG TIP: Don't wear tight ski boots, your feet will be in pain. My feet were and I pushed on because I was determined to learn. We also did snowshoeing, it's like hiking but in the snow. I was hoping to see some wildlife, but I only saw a statue of a deer on somebody's property. Had me fooled for a moment.

Before we left for this mini trip, Game boy and I had to drop off Clovis at a PetsMart Hotel. Let me tell you how that went. Upon dropping him off we were informed that he would not be playing with the other dogs because he 'looked' like a Pit Bull and Pit Bulls are on their naughty list of dogs who don't play well with others. I bit my lip on the matter because we wanted to get on the road. I was really bummed about it though, to the point that I was close to tears. It was bad enough that we had to leave him in a strange place and on top of that he was going to be stuck in a kennel. When we got to the rental house, I wrote a negative review about their rule being held based on looks. The next day I got a call from a manager. Since I was busy careening down a hill on skis, I called back the next morning. At first I was nervous because I don't like confrontations, I would rather walk away then hold my ground. Yet this time, I let them have it. I really did. I found some passion some where inside me and it boiled over. I wasn't rude or anything, but all the points that I made with Game boy (poor hubby had to hear me rant) on the drive to Breck was repeated back to that person. My mom would have been proud. Of course they were understanding and they gave us a huge discount on the bill. Unfortunately for them, it doesn't mean Clovis will be back because we want him to be able to play with other dogs.

Well, I'll leave you guys with some pictures from Breckenridge. Also, you'll notice some changes on my blog site. You'll see such things as a Like link for Facebook and Pin It link for Pinterest (Hint, Hint). My wonderful, talented sister is designing a new mouse logo too. Feel free to let me know how you like the changes. Thanks.

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