Hi there. This is Mouse.

I wrote this word down that represents who I am on this blog and I think about what it means and what labels are. This, of course, is not my name and it's only used for the purpose of this blog and social media. Why did I choose this name? Is it because it represents what introverts are? Mousey, shy individuals devoid of social skills? No, that's not what we are. I chose it because I wanted to debunk that myth by using it and talking about my personal life here.

The other day I was glancing through the introvert blog site, Dear, Introvert. I noticed at the very bottom of the website they had a link for a petition, asking for people to sign a document against the use of the word mouse to describe an introvert in the dictionary. Among other words were shy, aloof and wallflower. I didn't sign the petition, but thought about my moniker, mouse.

At first, I thought, I'm misunderstanding what an introvert is by using the word that introverts hate the most! I thought about changing my name and my logo. Then I thought, those words are just labels and they are only real if we let them be real. It's like when we were children we had that saying "sticks and stones will break my bones, but words may never hurt me." Then we got to our teens and we were trying to fit in. We struggled to be part of a group - the popular clique, the goths, the nerds, and the jocks. Even as working adults, we get jostled into groups - the workaholics, the lazies, the ones that kiss the manager's.... These are all labels, which don't define us at all. If anything, if you're stuck with a label, wear it proudly; don't let other people see that it bothers you.

Besides, I grew up seeing on tv that a mouse is an amazing creature. One of the most powerful companies on the planet is represented by a mouse. There's almost no one that knows the face of Mickey Mouse. He is the poster child of fun and entertainment; and even popularity and wealth. Then there is Danger Mouse, Mighty Mouse, the Great Mouse Detective and The Rescuers. To bring it back down to reality, we depend on mice for cures and a healthy future.

As introverts we have to see the power and resilience in mice as an example of what we can be capable of. Being labeled a mouse is not a bad thing. Go ahead call me a mouse, I'll show you the strength behind it. Hear me squeak.

Some images from Cherry Creek State Park.

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