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Updated: Feb 8

Hi, Mouse here! It's already one week until Thanksgiving. Time is sure flying by fast. I still remember the day Game boy and I moved here, like it was yesterday. Since then we have settled in nicely. I miss my family, though. To the point that I dream about them every night. Sometimes I dream about my old job at the library too. Next week I'm supposed to have my mother and sister visit us, yet we are waiting to see if there will be another lockdown. It has been a game of waiting and hoping for the last 8 months. It's been quite a year.

I recently thought up another book idea, that I'm excited about. I've been fleshing out the details, using Scrivener (one of the best soft-wares for writers). It's going to be a steam punk art themed mystery. I've been putting in plenty of research on steam punk, since I'm vaguely familiar with the genre. I remember hearing from the author, Laurell K Hamilton (best known for her Anita Blake series) on a podcast called Writing Excuses (great podcast for tips on writing), saying to "write what you want to know." I found the concept interesting because usually it's the other way around. I took it to heart and I decided to do my new story in steam punk; something that I am curious about. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes.

Our pup Clovis, still has the bad habit of chewing things and now it turns out he swallows some of what he chews. We had to buy a muzzle for him to wear on his walks. Unfortunately, there was no choice. At first, he hated it. Clovis would slump down on the ground and refuse to walk; like a 2 year old having a fit. With a bit of coaxing with treats, now he is walking. Every so often he would stop to see if he could remove the muzzle. There are times that he manages to get it off. We've also kept the walks short. He gets 3 walks a day. The last one, usually at night, is mostly to exhaust him so he sleeps the whole night. Clovis has come a long way, he has learned so much in the month and a half that we have had him. Game boy and I hope to discipline him enough that the things he does will become good habits.

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