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Updated: Feb 8

This morning I was listening to my 90's radio station on Pandora. I was singing along to my favorites tunes, when Everybody (Backstreets Back) by the Backstreet Boys came on. For a moment there, a flash of memory came to me. I remembered learning about this song being premiered on MTVs Total Request live. I even remembered hurrying home from school to catch it. The feeling of anticipation and excitement to listen to one of my favorite boy bands (there were so many at that time) was almost real. That nostalgic feeling was warm. It amazes me how something that seems so trivial can give one such a happy feeling. It's such a great thing to have during these times. Which leads me to talk about another nostalgic moment. I decided to go back to Facebook. All of my old friends were there. It has been 5 years, yet they welcomed me back. I was looking at all of their pictures and saw that they have all grown and changed. Of course, it was bound to happen, yet one can't help but think of the old times. The days when we were young and impressionable. Things were simpler then, but now we have things that enrich it; like family and pets. Those are what we hold on to during these times and we look ahead to get out of this darkness. But every now and then, don't forget to listen to that Oasis vinyl record, or to look at your high school yearbook, or even reach out to an old friend. That nostalgic sensation will help you get through it.

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