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Not Sure if It's Right

Updated: Feb 8

Hello this is Mouse! I have something to vent, yet I'm not sure if it's right to. I had joined a science fiction/fantasy writer's community not too long ago to engage more with other writers and to hopefully share my work. It was well until I participated in a writing challenge. I turned in a certain numbered story to be voted on. I noticed that the staff from the writing community posted their works. I found it off putting, but ignored it. I read all the works and voted. I tried not to vote on any of the staff's work because I kept thinking that it didn't seem fair to the beginner writers. When it came down to the votes, many of them were for the staff. Not all of them, yet many. I thought, does this happen at every writing challenge? It seems a bit imbalanced to me. I decided to join another writing community. Not sure if I would return to that one.

My puppy, Clovis, continues to improve; yet the one area that he needs the most improvement is slow going. Almost every time we go for a walk, he gets into his hyper active behavior. Many things seem to trigger it - fallen leaves, piled up snow, other dogs.

He would dash about and then hop up on us. We would distract him with treats, yet he would revert back to that behavior. Hopefully he will out grow that hyperactivity.

Cooler temperatures and the lure of the holidays are, unfortunately, causing more COVID cases to go up. Game boy and I decided to stay at home more to avoid getting it. Especially since we have family visiting during Thanksgiving. It's terrible that the holidays are going to be interrupted. The governor here had suggested postponing Thanksgiving to February. Postponing Thanksgiving? That is one of the holidays that most people look forward to all year round; mainly because it brings families and friends together. It's not the same when you Skype loved ones. We can only work to make things better. Stay safe.

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