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Updated: Feb 8

Hi Mouse here,

I've been keeping busy. I recently joined a writer's group. I've always wanted to join one, but was insecure about interacting with other writers and sharing my work. Yet, my book is so far along that I would like to get feedback from others who are into fantasy fiction. So far it has been amusing chatting in the forums. I've joined Twitter, which I really didn't want to do because I'm not into social media. I did it so that I can promote this blog and other publications I publish. I found a writing community there as well, some started to follow me. I have two volunteer options coming up. One for a history museum for guest services and another for dog walking. I am amazed at the amount of rules and policies you have to read in order to get started. Even for dog walking, there are step by step rules on how to even put a leash on a dog. I understand being gentle, but having to specifically stand in a certain way and leashing the dog a certain way is a bit much. I guess I'll see how it all goes.

Lately I've been thinking about how blessed I am with what I have. I have good health, I have love and support and have the necessities of life. I'm even grateful that I have a balcony. In Miami, I didn't have one and during the shutdown, it was hard to get some fresh air. Here in Denver, I can sit out and breathe in the mountain air. You have to appreciate everything, even the little things. During these times, it can't be more obvious.

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