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Hi, Mouse here.

You know how this great opportunity will show up, you get excited about it and you feel confident that it's going to work out. You're so excited that you can't even sleep well. You imagine the outcome of it so vividly... then you're handed a rejection email.

Three days ago, I attended this webinar on freelance writing. I didn't think much of it because I never thought of working freelance; I was afraid of the instability of being one. Yet, I watched and the moderator recommended a website called I checked it out and found a position in content writer and I decided to apply even though I didn't have much experience in it; if at all. Granted, that company didn't ask for experience, they were asking for people that had a passion for writing. The next day, I get an email that I made it to 'the next round' (something I've heard before). I decided to get sleuthy and investigate this company because I've been duped before. It turns out they were legit. They asked for a 500 word blog post on how to get readers to your blog and they provided helpful tips to get this project done. They also asked for a short video and my resume. I spend the whole day on this. I was determined to get it right. I turned it in with confidence, something that I don't normally have. I figured it would take some time for them to look at all the candidates. Then yesterday, I get this email saying that they 'think that they'll be going in a different direction.' I was devastated. I was so sure that I would be considered. I spent the whole day wondering what I did wrong. This, of course, was not my first rejection, yet I really wanted this job. I don't like how it makes me question my skills and I don't like that you never get to find out why you got rejected. What throws me off, is that the HR person used the word 'think' like they weren't sure of whether they should hire me or not.

I also got my third rejection email for my short Sci-Fi story. The editor said that it wasn't a 'good fit for her.' It made me wonder if I had accidentally sent her a link about these cute shoes I saw the other day on Amazon. A 'good fit'? What a strange thing to say. I guess I have a lot to learn about the publishing world.

The best thing that I can do is to grab a pint of ice cream, tune in to Disney+ (for some reason watching old animated Disney movies makes me feel better) and bury myself in writing. The more I push that rejected feeling out of my system the better. I'm only going to let that crap entertain me for one day.

I honestly don't have time for that. Not only am I writing, I'm also creating let's play gaming videos with Game boy, a podcast on storytelling through movies and this blog. Hopefully, I will be putting these videos and podcasts clips out soon. And I hope that you guys will be interested in tuning in.

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