Hi, Mouse here.

I know it's been quite some time since I've posted. Not much going on. I've put myself on a tight schedule, so that I can keep up with all of my projects. It gets tricky though because I use the internet and you know how distracting that can be. You see a headline that catches your eye, or you ask it a medical question (why is my skin extra scaly?) or online shopping. So I find myself snapping back to what I'm supposed to do every so often. As I'm writing this I have multiple windows up, each with a different stage of a project. It feels good to have a schedule, though.

Another thing that feels good is the weather now. Well, not right now because for some reason it went from t-shirt weather to medium jacket weather. Two things I learned here in Denver about cold weather: One, it can go from cool to freezing in a matter of minutes or from day to day. Two, there are different types of layering and jackets that can be used to keep warm. That's why I wrote medium jacket. It's not too light that you'll feel cold with your long sleeve top and it's not too heavy that you'll start to sweat. And I know I really don't have to explain this to my blog readers that reside in true winter regions. But it's been a revelation for me.

I survived winter! I thought I would never live in a place that snowed because, honestly, I hate being cold. Maybe it's because I was quarantining through most of it. Not that I completely missed winter, I did go out. But I am looking forward to Spring. Besides seeing the flowers in bloom, the weather feeling great and more outdoor activities happening, I can see myself looking at life differently.

I want to create some goals, mostly writing goals. I set myself a goal of finding an editor for my first novel and getting it published by summer and finishing the second one by the end of the year. I'm just hoping that I can continue to keep up with these projects, when work comes around.

I'll keep you all posted, until next time, here are some nature videos I recorded. Click on the word for the link. Bye!

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