Right Kind of Balance

Updated: Mar 23

Hey! This is Mouse.

So, I do yoga every morning, along with Game boy; surprisingly. He sometimes pushes me to do it as I'm rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. My hair would be plastered to the side of my skull and no amount of combing it down with my fingers would get it to stay put. As sleepy as I am, I still manage to do it. I've gotten to the point that I have such great balance. I can do the tree pose without flinching.

So why can't I find a way to balance my days? Well, yoga and time scheduling is two different things; yet can't I be good in both? And I know I'm going to be echoing the same complaint that most people have about there not being enough time in a day; yet it's true! Lately, I haven't been writing as much as I would like because I've been adding more things to do. Game boy and I have launched a gaming YouTube channel and it takes up so much time just marketing it. This is what my days look like now: spend all morning advertising on Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and that's after I've created fancy Canva designs for them. Afternoon, is spent checking up on the affects of those marketing bits. If I get lucky I get a half hour or an hour of writing in. Then of course, there's the housewife stuff: cleaning, cooking and tending after Clovis. I can only imagine how things will get when I finally start working. It doesn't help that sometimes I get distracted with things like funny dog videos or a recipe on how to make the perfect hard boiled eggs or sales at DSW. Oh and I forgot to mention that we're trying to start up a podcast too.

Maybe we're taking up too many projects? Yet this is the time to do them. Most of the time we are indoors because of COVID and snow. Which eventually that will all go away. I can easily say that during all this time, we have been the most productive. I'm catching up on reading, writing and other things that were in my mind to do. I've even noticed that I haven't been sick with a cold or flu in over a year! I just have to keep a schedule and stick with it. I have to stop staring at my phone when the alert goes off and thinking "I'll swipe it off and pretend I did exercise or I did meditate." That's not going to help me. I need to get back to my online student mode, where I was meeting my deadlines and at the same time stressing. Well, that's not good too. The discipline aspect, that's what I need. If Clovis can can be disciplined to be a good puppy then I can be disciplined too

... uh that hasn't happened yet. But it's progress! And that's something better than nothing.

Until next time. P.S. I am 29th on Feedspot's list of top introvert blog sites.

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