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Ruining a Great Day

Updated: Feb 8

This past Saturday I ruined a great day by letting something get to me. Game boy and I had gone to this beautiful park to hike. It was a bit far from Denver, yet it was worth it. We had a great time. As we were heading back home, two cars started to tailgate us and then they swerved out from behind us to pass. The second car almost hit the other one on it's rush to pass us. I got frightened by it. It felt like Miami all over again. I was upset and disappointed that people would drive like that here. That's a problem that I created for myself. Before I moved here, I was imagining Colorado to be this great place, better than Miami. That there weren't any rude people or people who drove recklessly. I haven't met a rude person, but there are a few people that drive bad. It's not terrible like Miami and I hope it doesn't get that way. None the less, the event left me in a bad mood and Game boy noticed. That didn't bode well with him, he was upset that I let that get to me. I didn't like that it did, but I couldn't help it. He reminded me that there was

always going to be a few rotten apples. At first, I was stubborn about it. I argued that we might as well stayed in Miami. That was a very stupid argument on my behalf. I never wanted to stay there and I definitely don't want to move back. At the end, I accepted that that's how things are no matter where you go and that it wasn't worth arguing about it. A place is not what makes it wonderful, it's what you make of it.

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