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Updated: Feb 8

Hi there, it's Mouse.

The other day a thought came to my mind as I was shoving my hand into a Butternut squash to scrap out the seeds. I was thinking about this blog and the purchase I made towards obtaining my domain name. Then my thought drifted to the name of the blog. My blog is about my experiences here in Denver as a Miami native. Yet, the blog doesn't reflect this. I had this vision that I would be going on adventures, whether it was trekking up a mountain, or eating at a hip restaurant, or learning about the culture here. Unfortunately, I have nothing to report... yet. Once this whole COVID situation goes away, I'm going to hit the ground running. I got a new camera as a Christmas gift and I plan on using the crap out of it. There won't be a place I'll miss, I want to check everything out. Well, I'm not sure of the roller coaster that's located on top of a mountain ( Believe or not there is an amusement park on top of a mountain. Sounds both thrilling and scary at the same time. I know Game boy will drag me to it one of these days. He loves roller coasters. I'm not much for it, but I will ride them. Denver has it's own amusement park in the edge of downtown. It's considered the only amusement park located in a major city's downtown area. Not sure if that's true anymore. Of course, Game boy bought season passes.

When I was in Miami, I traveled most of Florida, except the panhandle. That explains how I wrote the book Eat Like a Local - Florida (on Amazon). Please forgive my plug in, but I girl's gotta make a living. I took these long, incredible road trips. As much as I despised Miami, the other parts of Florida weren't so bad. From the tranquil, easy going beaches of Ft Myers, to the ancient history of St. Augustine; it all made for unforgettable trips. This is what I want to do here, in Denver. Travel around with Game boy and, if it's acceptable with our pup Clovis too. I'll be sure to put it all here along with the issues I run into; because this blog is also about me being an introvert. I hope all of you can bare with me and stick around. I promise to make it exciting. If not you can send

me a reprimand... or a question... or a compliment. Thanks.

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