The Unknown

Hey Mouse here!

Would you believe it's still snowing here? Winter sure doesn't want to leave this area. It seems like there's more snow now than in January and February. I was hoping to pull out my shorts and tank tops. Sure looks pretty when it's falling, though.

I recently got my COVID vaccine and I was a bit scared of getting it. If you want to be scared out of your wits - read the news. The news does a bang up job of it. And I literally mean wits because at the end there was nothing to be afraid of. It didn't hurt at all. I wasn't afraid of the needle, but of the side effects. I did get fatigue and arm sore, but nothing else. The news was mentioning the possibility of side effects like body aches and vomiting. I'm mostly over it, but there's still the second shot and I made the mistake of looking at the news again. Now they're mentioning that the second dose causes worse side effects than the first.

I mention all this not to be a spokesperson for the vaccine or to encourage you to take it or not. It just had me thinking about the unknown. It feels like there's a lot of that going on. Normally, we think about how we don't know what tomorrow would be like or the future or what that sushi would taste like. But something as serious as COVID is something we really would like answers about. It's not something we feel comfortable not knowing.

Or if we're even going to be safe when we go out to the store. The Boulder Kingsoopers shooting wasn't that far from where I live. And this spawned more shootings. It's a nasty state that we're in. I'm not trying to get political or anything like that. Yet, if you're thinking the way I'm thinking, than the unknown has been plaguing our minds for a while.

We have always sought answers for all kinds of questions and issues, even the silliest ones. It wasn't that long ago that I wanted to know when my husband was going to propose or if I should move out of Miami or not. Those were simpler times.

All I know is that this all will pass whether it's a good outcome or not and it's important to hold to what you know and what you care about.

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