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Things are Going Good

Updated: Feb 8

Hi, this is Mouse,

I got past my first shifts at the two volunteer positions. So far I like the animal shelter over the history museum. The dog that I was walking that had the cough, got over it. I was glad. I was there this morning and got a chance to walk another chihuahua, a shih-tzu mix and a terrier mix. The chihuahua had a leg injury and the shih-tzu mix had only one eye. Poor things, I hope they get adopted. Getting past the initial leashing of the dogs, which can be hard when all of them want to go for a walk at once; the dog walking can be calming. I don't have to think hard or stress about anything. The only thing that's on my mind is my book and what to write next in it. The history museum is more like an information desk position, which I don't understand the point of because the admissions staff explains all that stuff about the museum when people buy the tickets. So I'm left trying to figure out what to say besides 'welcome.' The very first customer I had, was a woman with two kids and she totally blew me off. I spoke to her and she pretended I didn't even exist. I almost left my post. I felt like I was back in Miami dealing with those terrible people. I was disappointed because I had put it in my mind that people would be different in Denver. I stuck with it though, and the majority of the people turned out to be nice. There were long stretches of doing nothing, but waiting for customers. Luckily, I only had to be there for 3 hours. Things have been looking up. I have an interview for another job coming up and I got accepted as a ghostwriter for an ebook company. I'll keep you all posted.

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