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Updated: Feb 8

Hi Mouse here,

During the past two days I have been training to be a volunteer. One training was for an animal shelter and the other was for a history museum. At first, I was reluctant because I was a bit timid on interacting with other people. It has been quite a few months since I've been working and have gotten used to being homebound. I got used the routine of staying home, writing and being alone (well I have Game boy here too, he works from home). The training went well and I was nervous for nothing. Apparently, for the animal shelter they're in great need of dog walkers. They need them everyday. I don't plan on volunteering there everyday, but I will provide as much time as I can. Some of the dogs seemed intimidating, especially the ones that were barking. I trained with an older Chihuahua that had a bad cough. He was sweet and easy. When I go back Monday, I will check up on him, I hope his cough is not serious. As for the history museum, it entails me being at the information desk and greeting people. This requires more interaction. I'm a little nervous about it, yet I know I have the skills. I can be friendly and open. I just need to absorb enough information during the first few times to be able to answer questions. Hopefully I'm not bombarded on the first day, which is tomorrow. It does feel good to be out of the condo and doing something productive and giving to the community (and dogs).

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