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Updated: Feb 8

Hi, this is Mouse.

The other day I was confronted with a dilemma. I've been out of work and have been applying to many jobs, yet some of them would get canceled or I would never hear back. I've even had the opportunity to get an interview. They said that they would let me know either way of whether I got the position or not. The position was removed from the website and I waited. Then about a week ago, the position got posted again. I decided to apply for it again. At this time, I am still waiting. I'll probably still be waiting. This waiting and staying in most of the week has led me to shrink away from the world. Which brought me to the dilemma, I would like to work, yet I don't want to work. I don't miss the commute and the stress of working in a job I don't like. Then again, working gives me a purpose, besides of course getting money. It took me a good chunk of the day and my husband, Game boy, to make me realize that I need to get out there one way or the other. I couldn't just stay in and grow comfortable being in my little world away from people, stress and challenges. Those things can make life interesting, unless it's really bad; like my last job. Yet, I can't keep thinking that the next job is going to be like the last one. I decided to register to volunteer in an animal shelter and a history museum; that would help change up my routine.

I recently did a one-way interview (this is a recording of yourself with pre-chosen questions, actually more challenging than a live interview) with a city library. I guess I'll wait and see how it goes. If I get accepted then that's a step forward for me.

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