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Working at the library

Updated: Feb 8

Hi, Mouse here.

Previously, I mentioned about working in a library that I didn't like working in. It was one that I used to go to as a child. I thought that it would be great to work there and I would have access to as many books as I want. True, I had the access, if they had the book that I wanted in stock. The library had three problems: poor management, low morale and the majority of the customers weren't nice. One affected the other.

I was fresh out of high school, painfully shy and looking to get a start in the job market. The library noticed that I spoke Spanish and gave me a chance. When I first started, nobody spoke Spanish, I had to do all the translating. By the time I left earlier this year, almost everyone did. Big difference between 2001 and 2020. Between that time, I had to learn to stand up for myself (the customers knew if you were weak, they would be able to step all over you) and I had lost most of the patience I had reserved. I went from being shy and quiet to speaking up and standing my ground when a customer would verbally push me around. FYI, a customer is not always right. They have no right to verbally abuse you and you can counter that by speaking back in an intelligent way. The years at the library were highly stressful. I've had issues with my co-workers (I had one that would make up stories about me to get me into trouble), I've had issues with my bosses (I had one that took away my supervisor position because she had changed the job description to include that it required a degree; even though I had been doing the job for 3 years) and I've had issues with customers (I've had to have 5 of them trespassed out of the library and get 1 restraining order on another for showing up at my home). I am glad that I quit back in January and that I had moved away. To this day, none of my bosses or co-workers contact me, even though I had worked with many of them for years. My mentality now, is to just keep moving forward and not think of the past. I did learn much from those years working there, yet I don't miss the stress. Don't stay too long in a job you hate because it starts to change you. I was afraid that I would be stuck being this negative, cynical person because of the type of work environment I was in. Once I left, I got my life back. Be and Stay Happy.

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